My earliest memories are of my father Peter sketching at his drawing board in the sitting room as we played around him. One of a small group of London animators in the 60's and 70's, he went on to create historic, hand-drawn cartoons with the renowned Bob Godfrey and his Soho studio. My mother, being a classically trained musician and artist also ensured creative passions flowed through myself and my younger brother and sister.

Childhood involved a multitude of animals, birds and insects that inevitably ended up in my bedroom to be drawn, loved and observed.  I caught scarlet fever at the age of twelve and it proved to be quite a milestone. Lying in bed for six weeks with kidney complications gave me enormous time to draw, mostly in my head. I realized it had been serious when told that prayers had been said for my recovery at the end of school term assembly. My classmates apparently thought I was dying.

I decided to draw the very finest work I was capable of. Sitting up in bed, from my pen nib came intricate botanical drawings. Tiny field mice climbing stalks of corn, wood pigeons with every foot claw and feather intact. It began fourteen years of almost continuous illustration work. 

At seventeen I made the decision to leave school and travelled to the Greek island of Corfu with an easel and box of pastels. For several months I sat drawing in ancient olive groves until the language of landscape painting began to really flow. I was then launched as a professional artist through the generous help of the Princes Youth Business Trust.

 My solo artist journeys continued for several years through North and South India, sending work back to London for solo and mixed exhibitions. I found a deep and enduring feeling of home when I set foot on the earth of India, and was blessed  to meet some of her greatest spiritual teachers.

 Work continued as a children's book illustrator with agent Maggie Mundy, as well as designing and producing tableware for London stores. For a while creating art changed to producing my three beautiful children, and sharing the joys of animals and insects again...with small helpers! 

 Since 2004 I have lived in Scotland, in the beautiful Cairngorm area of the Scottish Highlands, and for the last few years owning and running Edinburgh's main crystal shop in the centre of the city. 

 My artwork today is a culmination of all the incredible journeys I have been part of, with a growing joy at being able to share the vast inner world I 'see’. My early love of India reconnected me to meditation and yoga, and in Scotland with my crystal teacher Zaria et An Cullen. In 2009 I was introduced to ThetaHealing® and trained as a ThetaHealing® practitioner. Founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995, it is a technique that teaches how to use our natural intuition, and work as a healer through the unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is.

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